ご夫婦の積み重ねてきた 人生を表したような 他にない特別な空間

An upper floor apartment in a high-rise building in the heart of the city

This is a couple who travel the world for both business and pleasure. Their home is filled with precious items representing their many memories, not just of their travels, but also their connection and thankfulness towards the many people they have met over the years. The key point of the planning was how to arrange the items of this couple with differing tastes.

Taking part in the design phase allowed me to have a vision of our completed goal as well as implement a detailed plan and arrangement. The result is a classy and gorgeous space only possible in an upper floor location.



Let’s take a trip around the world

Open the door and the first thing you see is a map of the world. Designer glass painstakingly crafted by Japanese artisans has been enhanced with gold to fit the concept of the interior designer. This instills a sense of excitement for the journey ahead.

Each room features a modern style that is differentiated and harmonized by color and country such as France for Europe or Japan for Asia.


寝室イメージ01 寝室イメージ01

The beauty of blue Royal Copenhagen year plates

The year plates the couple have been collecting since the year they married truly symbolize their history together.

The plates have been arranged so that more can add their beauty to the wall in years to come. The wallpaper was chosen to maximize the beauty of the blue plates and create an even more gorgeous and modern atmosphere.

寝室イメージ04 寝室イメージ05 寝室イメージ06 寝室イメージ07 寝室イメージ08


ドレスルーム01 ドレスルーム02 ドレスルーム03 ドレスルーム04 ドレスルーム05

Classic order-made storage spaces made with painstaking craftsmanship

The key tone here is a gentle white-beige. The custom closet space gives off an air of meticulous artistry while still providing ample room for storage. This is the kind of dressing room any woman wants.

ドレスルーム06 ドレスルーム07


書斎01 書斎02 書斎03

A mature study

The ash brown and black tones bring this room together. A shelf was placed along the northern side so that the golden decorations upon would face south in accordance with feng shui principles. The color scheme and texture of the tiles is meant to enhance the visual aspects of the husband’s favorite books.


リビング&ダイニング01 リビング&ダイニング02

A dignified yet modern space completed by the harmony of beautiful furnishings and memorabilia

The living room is the “main dish” of any residence, and in this case we went with a fusion of European and Asian tastes. Our goal was a balance of modern and traditional Japanese tastes that has a charming harmony to it even with a Buddhist altar in the room.

The dining area has a European flair to it. Inside the cabinets order-made to match the furnishings the couple’s pre-existings furnishings are beautiful dishes representing artisan levels of glasswork that are sure to become a conversation point for any guests.

リビング&ダイニング03 リビング&ダイニング04


サニタリーイメージ01 サニタリーイメージ02 サニタリーイメージ04

Hermes wallpaper

The wallpaper in the restroom was selected to area of the walls and its appearance reflected in the mirror in mind. Hermes is well-known for their many geometrical patterns. The horse pattern used here is said to be a fortuitous motif for business owners.